Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dr. Louis Arnoux joined my Facebook Group!

For: Running on Air
By: Boom San Agustin

I really don't know how to contain my excitement! I got one of the best Christmas gifts ever today! I had recently posted a blog entry about Dr. Louis Arnoux's book, "Peak Oil, Climate Change and All That Jazz", and suddenly, I find a post on my Facebook Group, "Running on AIR - The Time for the Air Engine is Now", by... you guessed it... Dr. Arnoux himself! Wow! Can you say STARSTRUCK???

I would like to officially thank the good doctor through this blog post! Thank you Dr. Arnoux for supporting our cause!

If you'd like to view my Facebook Group, just click here... Running on Air - Facebook!

To download Dr. Arnoux's FREE e-Book, just click here... Peak Oil, Climate Change and All That Jazz!

About Dr Louis Arnoux...

Dr Louis Arnoux, is Managing Director of IT MDI – Energy Ltd and of the IndraNet Group of companies. His entire work is focused on facilitating the future proofing against the present global emergency of the corporate and individual customers of the companies he contributed to create. In doing so his aim is to enable their extremely rapid transition to sustainable ways of life and doing business that cost substantially less than contemporary business-as-usual.


Boom San Agustin said...


I just made Dr. Arnoux a Consultant in my Facebook Group.

Boom San Agustin said...

Dr. Arnoux left some more comments on my Facebook Group.

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